Darn Israel and Hamas for... Wrecking Obama's Great Foreign Policy Plans?

The Palestinians raise their kids to hate Jews. The Israelis have endured decades of acts of terror against their own children and have generally acted with forbearance in reply. The UN has been vehemently and irrationally anti-Israeli since day one. The questions of “right of return” and the “two state solution” have dogged international politics for a long time. And what is the Timesonline worried about? Are they worried about the safety of Jewish children. Are they concerned of the improvement in quality of life for Palestinian children? No, none of that. The Times is worried that all this will hurt poor Barack Obama and his wonderful plans for a foreign policy that will at last bring us peace in our times.

I’m not kidding. In all this mess, the Times is most concerned that Obama’s foreign policy promises will be harmed because of what Hamas has forced upon itself. While Obama skips church and runs off to the gym on a daily basis, the Times is all concerned for Barack’s foreign policy.

In a perfect emulation of their most beloved countryman, Neville Chamberlain, the peace-in-our-times London Times proves that Brits are entirely feckless where it concerns a moral understanding of foreign policy. In times like these, the delicate feelings of Barack Obama should be the last thing that anyone should care about. On top of that he isn’t even president, yet, so his ideas and opinion are meaningless at this point in time. But, this is the point the Times wants to explore in theirs headlined, “Barack Obama’s hopes for early peace deal shattered in minefield of Middle Eastern politics.”

Barack Obama refused yesterday to stake out his position on the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza but he and his team were in no doubt that the offensive had dealt a significant blow to his hopes of forging a Middle East peace deal early in his presidency.

Oh, poor, poor little Barack! The Times pity party for little Barack goes on…

The growing violence presents Mr Obama and Hillary Clinton, his incoming secretary of state, with their first and unexpected foreign policy crisis at a time when their intray is already groaning with the urgent geopolitical challenges of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea and Russia.

I am wondering how a 60 some year-old conflict based on thousands of year of enmity can be an “unexpected foreign policy crisis”?

Is there a word about the poor Israeli kids being killed by terrorist Katyusha rockets? Maybe a word about Israeli planes responding, killing Palestinian folks? Nah, who cares about all that? We are more interested in how this thing impacts The One! The feelings and effectiveness of the Obammessiah is far, far more important to the Times!

One of the next lines is telling:

How Mr Obama reacts to it, and in particular how forcefully he defends Israel, also risks straining relations with Britain and his other European allies.

And this is an admission that the Europeans have no morals and are supporting the murderers in Hamas.

For his part, between visits to the water park, skipping church and showing the loving press corps his manly, gleaming pecs, Obama has pretended toward strong support for Israel although he really hasn’t said a whole lot about what is going on at this time. But, don’t worry, Barack. The Times has got your back.

So, not only do the Brits blame Israel for attacking the poor, innocent Palestinians, now they are guilty of hurting the Obammessiah, too.

Oh, the humanities.

(Photo credit: washingtonpost.com)

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