Obama's First Gift to Unions

Barack Obama’s pick for Secretary of Labor is his first gift to labor unions. Hilda Solis is quite a union extremist and has already promised to push the misleadingly named employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) once she takes over her new role in the Obama administration.

A recent Wall Street Journal report reveals that Solis, a California Congressman, has been in the back pocket of unions since she first ran for Congress.

Barack Obama’s pick for Secretary of Labor — Hilda Solis — brings impeccable big labor credentials. The California Congresswoman first rode to power with labor backing against a fellow Democrat, has voted with the AFL-CIO 97% of the time, and got three-quarters of her campaign contributions from unions.

But the WS Journal rightfully worries that Solis will also try to gut the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS). In recent years the OLMS has tightened financial disclosure rules on the unions, an effort that is responsible in just one case for catching hundreds of thousands of dollars being illicitly spent by Tyrone Freeman, the head of the California office of the Service Employee International Union.

Union watchdogs fear that Solis will reverse these stricter reporting rules allowing unions to more easily get away with criminal misallocation of funds. And this gutting of the OLMS is precisely what unions have been pushing for. Obama owes the unions for their multi-million support campaign they waged for him during the past elections, so it would seem a natural payback for his administration to acquiesce to these union demands.

So, the man that claimed to want to clean up Washington and bring “change” will be the one responsible for giving criminal unions the cover they so desperately need to indulge in all the criminal behavior they want to indulge in.

That’s some kind of change.

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