MSN Says Ridiculing Palin Is the Top TV Moment of 2008

MSN TV reporter, Dave Lake, has decided in his infinite wisdom that Tina Fey ridiculing Governor Sarah Palin is the top TV moment from the 2008 TV season. Aren’t you surprised that making fun of Sarah Palin has become the top TV moment? I mean, it’s incredible that the liberal media has decided that out of the entire TV season, this is the top moment! I’m SHOCKED, to say the least. (Don’t worry, I won’t run out of sarcasm any time soon)

From his blurb on the main page of the TV Year in review section I think we can see why Mr. Lake is a reviewer and not himself a TV writer. Let’s just say that his “humor” fell flat.

I Can See Tina From My House: The year’s most singular TV moment was Tina Fey’s return to “Saturday Night Live” as Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. Fey, who was never known for her impressions while on the show, nailed the voice, mannerisms and spirit of the Alaska governor, propelling the show to its best ratings in 14 years. An appearance a few weeks later by the actual Sarah Palin fell flat, much like her bid for the White House. (NBC)

The appearance by the “actual” Sarah Palin “fell flat”? Says who? It was one of SNL’s highest watched episodes all year. It would seem, rather, that the whole rest of the SNL season fell flat compared to the ratings that Sarah Palin brought the show!

And, I’m sorry, how did Fey “nail” the Governor’s “spirit”? That would presuppose that Sarah Palin is as stupid as Fey attempted to make her seem. One has to point out that Fey did not get elected to the highest office a state has while Sarah Palin did.

It just doesn’t surprise that this leftist media writer for MSN saw Fey’s little spoof as the top TV moment.

But, let me point out four TV moments that didn’t make this guy’s list.

  • Barack Obama’s vaunted religion speech
  • Barack Obama’s special appearance to “the world” in Europe
  • Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the DNC
  • Barack Obama’s election night and his victory speech in Chicago

I have to say, I find it just a touch amusing that Sarah Palin beat Barack Obama for top TV moments even if it was via Fey’s spoof.

(photo credit examiner.com)

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