Unions to Organize for Jobs That Don't Yet Exist?

A recent AP piece lauded the fact that the envirosocialist movement and American labor unions are at long last beginning to walk hand in hand. At the “climate talks” in Poland, several American union groups sent representatives to announce common cause on going green.

The AP report noted that the Sierra Club, a longtime environmentalist group, announced support for the inaptly named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) that features the undemocratic card check provision.

For example, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club have endorsed the Employee Free Choice Act, a union-backed bill that would protect workers’ rights to join unions. The Sierra Club has mobilized members to write to their Congress members to support the bill.

This is an effort for the enviro folks to enlist the deep pockets of the unions to further squander their membership’s dues money on things that have nothing to do with their employment.

Good strategy for the environuts, granted, but what does it get the unions to team up with the jobs killing enviro movement? Well, if worked properly, it gets the unions to be in a position to concoct legislation covering “renewable” energy schemes that puts the work force in union hands before there even IS such a workforce in existence!

Yes, the unions plan to organizers workers that don’t have jobs in industries that don’t yet even exist. That’s a pretty nifty trick, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, that sort of ground floor unionism will also make such future industries start off at a major loss in competitiveness and capabilities right off the top effectively strangling them at birth. Not a very smart way to go if you really want to foster these industries. But, as unions and envirosocialists know, there is no such thing as “business” when government opens up the pig trough of mandates and laws “for our own good.” Unions are hoping to cash in big time before the game even gets rolling on that big government action.

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