AP Feels Sorry for Mexico Over Drop in 'Money Sent Home' By Returning Illegals

I suppose the Associated Press wants us all to feel sorry for Mexico. With so many illegals here either having trouble finding work or actually returning home, Mexico is finding that its citizens illegally in the US have fewer American dollars to send home. AP says the “situation is so serious” that the Mexican government is trying to create new programs to reinforce ties between illegals here and its citizens at home. Of course, no where in AP’s story does it seem to occur to anyone that Mexico clean itself up and offer opportunities there as opposed to trying to squeeze money from people here.

The whole story is reported as a legitimate economic issue instead of the thievery by illegals that it really is. The AP sternly informs us that as the “economic crisis worsens” Mexico finds that the money sent home is at “record lows.” And we are treated once again to the euphemism for this theft of American dollars that is doled out in every such story. The AP calls this sending of American money back to Mexico a “remittance revenue stream,” as if it is some sort of legitimate economic matter. It’s a great way to gussie up the word “theft,” isn’t it?

The truth is that the Mexican government is trying to undermine our nation yet the AP treats this as if it is just an average story.

The AP says the situation is “serious.”

The situation is so serious that in September Mexican President Felipe Calderon visited Mexican immigrants in New Brunswick as the last stop on his way home after speaking at the United Nations.

No, AP, what is “serious” is that instead of instituting reform for its people, Mexico is relying on sending them by the millions illegally into other nations so that they can then send foreign money home to Mexico. THAT is not a serious economic policy!

But, instead of addressing the corruption in Mexico, what are the Mexicans doing?

The Mexican government has been preparing for the scenario with initiatives aimed at solidifying ties to their communities abroad; especially with the U.S.-born children of Mexican immigrants whose allegiance to their homeland weakens with each new generation.

And the AP is reporting this as if it is a real policy instead of a criminal enterprise! What’s with the “their communities abroad”? Mexico has no “communities abroad” as if this is a legitimate program!

Of course, the Mexican government is doing its best to stop Mexican ex-pats from assimilating in the US and elsewhere by sending Mexican supported operatives out to convince its citizens abroad to still act like Mexicans.

The institute supports education and cultural programs for Mexican immigrants and their families in the U.S., including Spanish classes, a program that sends Mexican teachers to U.S. districts with a shortage of bilingual educators, donations of Spanish-language materials to U.S. schools and libraries, and literacy initiatives for adults.

Other programs are aimed at the children of immigrants — many who may not have been to Mexico — that include sponsoring soccer tournaments, cultural programs, youth exchanges and academic scholarships.

Sadly, the US government allows this cultural sabotage to enter our nation and short circuit the assimilation process. We should be shutting this foreign sabotage down, not allowing it to become an entrenched institution in our midst.

In any case, this entire story is treated by the AP as if it is a seriously legitimate program instead of the theft that it is.

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