An Anti-Intellectual Teacher's Union

A school disinvited a Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist because he jabbed the California teachers union in a newspaper cartoon. What was so egregious that the school banned this prize winning cartoonist? See for yourself:

Political cartoonist, Steve Breen of the San Diego Union-Tribune was originally scheduled to appear at Sunset View Elementary School in Point Loma, California, but the week before his visit he was disinvited from the school. And the reason he was disinvited is because of the December 3 cartoon above.

The cartoon shows how the California Teachers Union, depicted as pirate ships waylaying a larger ship labeled “Sacramento (the capitol of Calif.), have been a baneful force in California.

Why did the school pull back this invite to visit the kids to talk about his work? What else could it be but that he jabbed the fetid teachers union in his cartoon? After all, the disinvite came on the same day that the cartoon ran?

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