Union Group Uses Worker Death to Advertise for Unions

I guess it doesn’t get more cynical than this, but a union advocacy group that has for years been needling Wal-Mart to unionize has used the tragic death of a Wal-Mart worker on Black Friday as a reason to push their union ideas. Even though that worker’s trampling death has nothing whatever to do with unions or any lack thereof, Wal-Mart Watch is using this poor man’s death to its advantage.

Even more ridiculously — if that is at all possible — Wal-Mart Watch is attempting to say that unions equal “moral responsibility.”

While Jdimytai Damour’s death was a “tragic accident,” it also reflects Wal-Mart’s “blatant disregard for the concern and safety of its workers and customers,” said David Nassar, executive director of Wal-Mart Watch.

Wal-Mart Watch describes itself as a “public education campaign” aimed at changing Wal-Mart so it embraces its “moral responsibility.”

What a disgusting display of opportunism.

Naturally, Wal-Mart Watch also used this poor man’s death as an opportunity to push their un-democratc ideas of card check and the Employee Free Choice Act. So, not only did Wal-Mart Watch use this man’s tragic death to push their union idea on Wal-Mart, it also used this poor man’s death to push its political agenda, as well. A double hit against good taste and decorum.

One almost has the feeling that Wal-Mart Watch was thrilled at this man’s death so that it had the opportunity to rush to a news outlet to get their political ideas across on the back of this tragedy.

Quite disgusting, isn’t it?