Another ACLU Attacks Christians Post

New Orleans, Louisiana was founded by French Catholics and the Christian religion has been an ever present cultural influence ever since. Yet, after hundreds of years that cultural influence being comfortably ensconced in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, here comes the ACLU to try and destroy expression of that religious faith.

The Associated Press is reporting that the ACLU has threatened the city of Pontchatula that if they put Christmas lights on a cross near Ponchatoula’s downtown locomotive they will be dragged into court.

Apparently a few lights threaten the existence of the entire Constitution of the United States.

The city has decided that they just can’t afford the costly court battle that the ACLU would force upon them.

Mayor Bob Zabbia said city officials don’t agree with the ACLU but realized that they probably would not win, and lawsuits are costly.

And, said Zabbia, “The law is the law. It doesn’t make sense to fight something you’re not going to win.”

But, what has replaced the lights on the cross?

Instead, a second bar has been added to display banners advertising citywide events.

So, Christmas is an evil, evil influence as far as the ACLU is concerned, but blatant commercialism is great? Love of Christ is a baneful influence, but crass commercialization is great?

That’s the ACLU for you, isn’t it?

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