Union Prez Banned From Union For Life!

Oh, the humanities! It has been determined by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) that troubled local president Tyrone Freeman is to be banned for life from the union. Gosh, what a horrible fate, eh? One wonders if he can be reinstated with back pay after he dies. Bet he does!

The Service Employees International Union has imposed a lifetime ban on the former president of its largest California local and ordered him to repay more than $1 million that it says he misappropriated from the labor organization.

Let me suggest a more appropriate punishment: jail.

Freeman was caught with not only his own hand in the union till, but the hands of most of his extended family! His scandal has also led to the discovery of other theft by some of his associates in the union. A rash of firings and indictments have resulted from the imbroglio.

This Freeman fellow was a handpicked “protege” of SEIU President Andy Stern, who has issued a statement of disappointment in Freeman.

“It is tragic and unconscionable that a young leader with such great potential would violate not only the constitution of the international union, but the trust of his members,” Stern said in a statement.

Still, it cannot be ignored that Stern handpicked this guy. It highlights Stern’s judgement and shows it to be subpar. Unless, of course, Stern picked Freeman specifically because of his penchant for corruption?

Something to keep in mind, anyway.

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