Another Example of Hypocritical Politics on Secret Ballots

As the Democratic caucus angles to pass the badly named Employee Free Choice Act, a law that will actually take away the choice of a secret ballot for millions of America’s workers, we get one more example of how Democrats in Congress allocate things for themselves that they refuse to allow others to enjoy.

In the nasty infighting between Henry Waxman (D., Calif.) and John Dingell (D., Mich.) over the chairmanship of the Energy and Commerce committee in the House of Representatives, a secret ballot was held of the members of the House after which, Waxman came out the victor.

So, we have Dingell, a Democrat that shilled for the auto industry and unions as they destroyed their own profitability, and we end up with Waxman, a shill for the enviro-wacko lobby that will destroy the auto industry the rest of the way with unnecessary and idiotic “green” initiatives.

Worse to worser, of course, but notice how they settled who would become the new chairman? They used a secret ballot. And it’s the secret ballot that the EFCA will eliminate for prospective union members.

So, the politicos in the House of Reps find the secret ballot important for themselves, yet they are rearing to take away such a right for America’s workers?


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