And Now the Government Comes After the Bloggers?

“Gubbmint isn’t the solution,” Ronald Reagan famously said. “Gubbmint is the problem!” Well, until Al Gore invented our wonderful Internet world, there were darn few ways we common citizens could highlight just what the “problem” of government was. But, happily, we bloggers have become the modern version of our Founders plying the pamphleteer’s trade. Now, via the incredible world of blogging, we can spy a government abuse and cast the harsh light of public scrutiny upon it. And we can do it in the blink of an eye. All we need is our computers and a little Internet access.

But, now gubbmint is trying to find ways to make it harder for us to highlight their evil, wasteful, illegal ways. For now comes the Democrat Party of the State of Washington trying to reinvent bloggers as “lobbyists” so that we can be regulated out of existence.

Or, if they don’t exactly want bloggers regulated out of existence, Democrats at least want to put bloggers in such a position that there are fewer of them because of gubbmint’s onerous regulations.

The Seattle Times is reporting that Washington state regulators are considering just that question. Are blogger “lobbyists”? Of course, the answer is no, no, a thousand times no. Even if we make money with our blogs, it does not amount to “lobbying.”

But, beware, fellow bloggers. Whenever gubbmint eyes something, it is rarely long before it gets its grubby hands fully around it.

So, get ready to have gubbmint pry into your personal finances just so you might have the “privilege” of being “allowed” to blog about politics.

Or, you could just blog about sports, or movies. Just forget about all that gubbmint business. What is it of yours, anyway? Let the smarter, better, more refined folks in gubbmint take care of all that. Don’t worry your little heads about it.

So says Big Brother. So shall it be.

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