Obama Chief of Staff Refuses to Talk 'Card Check'

The Wall Street Journal reports that in a meeting with business leaders, Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel refused to reassert the Obama administration’s determination to pursue “card check.”

He was asked his views on the push by labor unions to allow workplaces to be organized with the signing of cards attesting to union support rather than a secret ballot. Mr. Emanuel declined to say whether the White House would support the legislation, but he said the unions are addressing the concerns of a middle class that has seen U.S. median income slide over the past eight years, while health care, energy and education costs have soared.

This is not to say that Obama is necessarily distancing himself from “card check” or from the Employee Free Choice Act, but Emmanuel’s reticence to bring up the issue and reassert the administration’s dedication to the plan is a sign that, if we are lucky, they realize that it isn’t a good move… at least for now.

At the least we’ve got a breather from this jobs killing, union propping law. Let’s hope it is a sign of dropping it but now is not the time to assume.

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