Calif. Lawmakers Try SEIU Intervention

The Services Employee International Union (SEIU) is still making plans to initiate a hostile take over of its sister union in California, the United Healthcare Workers (UHW), by imposing a trusteeship upon them, ousting the UHW’s elected officers.

Now more than 240 lawmakers and community organizers in California have signed an open letter calling for the SEIU to jettison its hostile plans and to peaceably settle with the UHW.

The signers include some of the most prominent Democrats and liberal community organizers in the San Francisco Bay Area. But thus far the entreaty seems to be falling on deaf ears at the SEIU’s main office in Washington DC.

This entire dustup shows the ruthlessness with which SEIU President Andy Stern uses to control the SEIU. Stern imagines his reach will eventually go as far as to begin to control aspects of our government. This sort of powermongering should serve as a warning to anyone imagining that Andy Stern is a desirable addition to Obama’s governing council.

Stern is so headstrong that, to satisfy his need for personal power, he even seems to be willing to stick his finger in the eye of pols and activists on his own side.

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