Denver Post Now Against Card Check?

Now that their messiah, The One, “O”bama is fairly elected… NOW the Denver Post comes out to attack the Democrat’s and the union’s idea of “card check”? Apparently so, because on November 16, the Post had an editorial titled “Paying off labor harmful to unity.”

And, boy, they don’t just mince around the issue, either.

Obama and the Democratic majority should resist the urge to pay off organized labor by passing the divisive and unnecessary law known as “card check.”

Nothing equivocating with that line, sure enough.

Still, a few shots at their “O” sycophancy aside, it’s good to see the Post coming around to good sense. Welcome to the right side of the issue, at last.

Pushing card check would immediately endanger the new administration’s ties to the business community and complicate the delicate but vital task of getting the American economy back on track.

The Post uses Colorado Governor Bill Ritter’s mistakes upon entering office as a warning for Obama. Ritter waltzed into office and immediately tried to give big paybacks to his union friends. Of course, this caused a major backlash in the business community and the public and Ritter had a major fight on his hands that damaged his ability to govern.

The Post says that if Obama gives in to the unions greed and pushes the passage of the anti-democratic “card check” practice, he’ll hurt himself like Ritter did.

Well, whatever their ideas against card check, I say good on them.

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