Unions Prepared for BIG Payday With New Prez

As we’ve been warning here on the blog, unions are ready for a big payoff for having pumped hundreds of millions of their members’ dues money into Barack Obama’s campaign and The New York Times published a story that presents it all as a wonderful thing, naturally.

And, in keeping with the Times’ journalistic malpractice, quite a few things are misrepresented in favor of the unions. Take “card check” for instance. Check out how the Times describes the fact that this horrible law will take away one of the oldest democratic rights there is. (My bold for emphasis)

Labor’s No. 1 priority is a piece of legislation called the Employee Free Choice Act, also known as the card-check bill. The bill would give workers the right to join a union as soon as a majority of employees at a workplace signed cards saying they wanted one. Business groups have attacked the legislation because it would take away employers’ right to insist on holding a secret-ballot election to determine whether workers favored unionization.

What is this “it would take away employers’ right to insist on holding a secret-ballot” business? So now it is some kind of evil action by business to “insist” on giving workers the ability to have their votes secret and free of the commonly violent pressure by union thugs to vote the union line?

Then the NYT piece gives space for union chief John L. Sweeney to claim that unions can stop the decline of the middle class. In fact, unions are one of the reasons jobs in the middle class are lost to international competition. International companies aren’t bowed down with the weight of oppressive and destructive union demands elsewhere and can easily undercut our markets.

And then we have the biggest lie in the NYT piece:

“This is not about payback,” Mr. Samuel said. “We’re looking to work with the new administration on a shared set of priorities that focus on lifting workers and improving the economy.”

Isn’t it amusing how these union guys can lie in the face of a “reporter” that willingly marks it down as the Gods-honest truth?

But, then again, it is a sad thing but no one should expect the extreme leftist propagandists at The New York Times to actually report anything fairly and without slanting heavily in the left’s favor.

Just be ready for a big union payoff whenever the most radically leftist president we’ve ever elected takes office next year. The next four years will be a business and economy killer.

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