ABC's Stephanopoulos Calls Dick Morris a 'Liar' About Rahm Emanuel on WLS Radio

**UPDATE*** With Audio Link

WLS AM 890 in Chicago hosted an in studio visit from ABC newser George Stephanopoulos this morning in the 8:30 segment. Host Don Wade played an interesting Dick Morris sound clip for Stephanopoulos and then asked for his response. That is when Stephanopoulos came right out and said “Dick is a liar.” There was no equivocation, no weasel words, just a straight out “liar.”

The discussion was focusing on Obama’s request to Representative Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois), a former Bill Clinton senior advisor, to become the new Obama chief of staff. Host Wade was questioning Stephanopoulos as to how the candidate of “change” could go back in time to an old Clinton hack and asked if Emanuel was a good choice for the position.

First, however, Wade played a clip of Dick Morris. In the clip, Morris was recounting a time when President Clinton called him on the phone and yelled at him for the fact that a Clinton focus group had become news when the group was supposed to be a secret. Morris claimed that Clinton demanded to know who Morris had told of the group. Morris claimed that he only told Stephanopoulos and Rahm Emanuel and no one else. Morris said that he asked Clinton, “Can’t I trust you senior staff”? Morris then claimed on the sound clip that Clinton said he couldn’t and that if he told Stephanopoulos and Emanuel he may as well have sent out a press release about it.

After the clip was over, host Wade asked Stephanopoulos if, in light of the tape of Morris claiming that Emanuel was untrustworthy, if Emanuel was still a good choice for Obama’s Chief of Staff?

To that Stephanopoulos said the “L” word, outright calling Dick Morris a liar.

Ouch. We’ve known for a while that there is no love lost between Morris and other Clinton staffers. But, using the word “liar” straight out is extraordinary for a PC kind’a guy like George Stephanopoulos.

I’ll keep an eye out for a podcast of the interview on the WLS webpage and update if I see it.


Link to WLS Radio Interview

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