Dem Candidate Refuses to Remove Name of Fallen Soldier from Campaign Website

A Democrat candidate for the Senate in Oklahoma has thus far refused to remove from his campaign website the name of a fallen U.S. soldier despite the fact that the soldier’s Mother and family have repeatedly asked that Rice remove their son’s name.

Candidate Andrew Rice hosts on his site advertising for his campaign a page that lists a number of soldiers from Oklahoma that have died in service to our country. On that page appears the name of Spec. Micheal E. Phillips of Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Jenn Sierra of Green Country Values alerted me to the fact that Specialist Phillips’ family has repeatedly asked Democrat candidate Rice to remove their son’s name from his site, but so far he refuses to do so.

The Phillips family have posted their plea on-line in the hopes that Rice might be pressured by popular opinion against his unwanted use of their son’s name in his own political campaign.

My name is Angelia Phillips and it is my son who Andrew Rice refuses to remove from his website. My husband and I believe strongly that if you do not support the troops AND their mission then any “tribute” you might make on their behalf is hollow and nothing more than a scoreboard.

After having read and viewed Mr. Rice’s comments regarding our troops in Iraq and the job they have done there we asked that he not use our son on his campaign website. Legally I know there is no way I can prevent him from doing this. I had hoped he would respect my wishes though. I was mistaken. I have called 4 times and been assured his campaign manager would call me back. After the first call his staff removed the page on his website regarding the Iraq war views he has. This page included statement s such as Iraq was a waste of time, rubber stamped, nothing more than a civil war and that no Al Qaeda had ever been present in Iraq.

Another issue I would like to point out is when I lost my son 8 months ago I received letters of condolence from many Senators, Congressmen, State representatives and Governors from across the country. Every single letter we received was from republicans. Not a single democrat sent condolences. Including Mr. Rice who is a representative in my on home state. And I know he was aware of my son’s death because Gov. Henry ordered all state flags be lowered in honor of my son on Mar. 4th. No one involved in our state government could not know. If he could not honor him then then he can not truly honor him now.

Thank you for your time

Angelia Phillips  
Gold Star Mom of  
SPC Micheal “Pokey” Phillips  
KIA 24 Feb 08  
Baghdad Iraq

Yet, despite of repeated requests, this Democrat candidate continues to use the name of the fallen to advertise his candidacy when at least one family is against the practice.

Why won’t this Democrat do what the family of this fallen hero wants him to do? They feel he is sullying the memory of their son. So, why does Rice refuse to listen to them?

Why not contact this Democrat candidate for Senate to let him know how you feel.

Phone: 405-606-2288  
Fax: 405-208-4496

Headquarters: [email protected]  
Volunteer Office: [email protected]  
Finance Office: [email protected]  
Press Office: [email protected]  
Field Office: [email protected]

Campaign Mailing Address:  
P.O. Box 1027  
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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