Stooping to Lowest Level: Democratic Claim of Palin's 'Faked Pregnancy' Gaining Steam

**Update: TV’s Alan Colmes Says Palin’s Neglect Caused Down’s Syndrome Birth Stress!!**

**Update #2 Below the Fold- Palin’s Pregnancy Confirmed**

As I reported earlier, the scurrilous claim that McCain vice presidential pick Governor Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with a Down’s Syndrome child is beginning to spread among the lowest of the nutrooters. Now, the unhinged, smear site DemocraticUnderground.com has boosted this lie to their front pages. Naturally, since these hate sites feed into each other, the spurious source of the DU story is another DailyKos story like the one I earlier reported upon.

Of course, this whole meme is nothing but a lie. Are we expected to believe an entire state, its hospitals, doctors and media establishment helped cover up this pregnancy story? And they all did this for a Republican, to boot? It makes little logical sense to believe a word of this black helicopter conspiracy theory. Next thing we know, the Kossacks and DUers are going to expect us to believe that Big Foot and some gray aliens were the attendants at the birth!

But, here is the thing. This hateful story about the birth of a child with Down’s Syndrome is exactly the sort of lowest, gutter ideas that float through the empty space in the voluminous heads of our friends at the lowest depths of the Democratic Party and the lefty movement. There are some sick, sick people over there and stories like this prove it.

Pile this on top of the low blow from TV’s Alan Colmes who claims that Palin didn’t practice proper prenatal care before she had the baby with Down’s Syndrome, blaming the Mother for her disabled child. Well, the lefties don’t know a low road they won’t take. (Colmes’ site has crashed right now, but this is the address if it ever comes back: http://www.alan.com/2008/08/30/did-palin-take-proper-pre-natal-care/)

Now, let’s take a looks at some of the replies on the DU garbage thread:

WARNING — As is common on leftist sites, some of the language that follows is profane. (Not to mention filled with bad spelling and grammar)

bobd0: It’s not an “accusation” and it isn’t “awful” Teenagers get pregnant. It isn’t awful. It just happens. It happens all the time. I’m not making accusations. I’m just looking at all the angles. You know, like those Republicans do. Look at that “breakaway” sect of Mormons in Texas. Who would have thought that sort of thing was going on in their backyard? And we’re talking Alaska here. Those long winters must get very boring. And Sarah is all for drilling in Alaska

DaLittle Kitty: That IS a little bastard christian grandchild… WITHOUT QUESTION! IGHT! It’s Da LYING STUPID! Da LYING!!! AllCFhristianed Out +LY’N DER ASS OFF! Why Was this same standard of which you speak NOT in play re: JOHN EDWARDS? The bulshite is unbelievable!!!!

Demeter: It Doesn’t Have to Be an Issue–Just a Rumor or Legend on the Internet. Like Obama is a Muslim==tit for tat.

enough already: Screw ’em all! It’s time we started fighting back. We always show up at gun fights with knives. Knock Palin’s teeth out on this one. No backing down, no mercy.

marylanddem: I think this IS a an important issue. And commend Daily Kos for focusing on it. Fuck Sarah Palin if she’s the lying hypocrite she appears to be, the sooner this shit hits the fan the better.

progressivebydesign: How can she be the arbiter of all things HOLY and PURE if her daughter gets knocked up?? How would that play in Palin’s little circle of believers? Guess that shoots her ‘abstinence only’ stance, doesn’t it?

scarface2004: fuck that right wing piece of shit..if it belonged to her daughter and she covered it up to avoid embarrasment then fuck that piece of shit! republicans have asked for this…and now they are gonna get it. this is DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND goddammit, not mr rogers neighborhood!! its time to fuck them over with every rumor speculation bald faced lie whatever. reap what you sow assholes!!

Well, there’s more, of course, many more that are even more profane. Granted there are a few somewhat saner souls saying that they should leave this horrible story alone. But they are being widely abused and ignored.

This is the sort of hate that has developed into a pathology for the far left, folks. As distasteful as it is, we need to be aware of how low they will go.

Update- One Woman’s Eyewitness Account of Pregnant Palin

Earlier I posted a few stories on the wild speculation and hatemongering going on in the seedy web world of Democratic extremists. They were trying to pass the fake story that McCain VP pick Governor Sarah Palin was never pregnant, that she was a liar about the pregnancy. They claimed that she was covering for her own daughter’s teenaged pregnancy, trying to hide the truth and passing her daughter’s baby off as her own.

Well, now we have even more reason to understand how depraved these Democrats are, because a website posting by a teacher has been found to confirm that at least one person saw a pregnant Palin earlier this year.

All the speculation on whether Governor Palin was pregnant is easily put to rest by the eyewitness account of Elizabeth Eubanks from April 29 of this year. Eubanks was in an airport in Fairbanks waiting for a flight when she unexpectedly saw Governor Palin in the airport also waiting for a flight.

Eubanks reports that she found Palin to be a wonderful person.

Of course I had to check out the “Hottest Governor in the US” and quickly turned to see her pregnant (she has since had her baby) with bags and daughter in tote. Then it struck me as odd. Why is the Governor of Alaska in the airport and preparing to get onto my commercial flight?

Well, why WAS the Governor waiting for a commercial flight? It seems as a cost cutting measure, Governor Palin sold the state jet on Ebay for 2.1 million dollars.

So, not only was she pregnant despite the claim of the jackasses in the Democratic Party, but we get to see another example of how fiscally responsible she is! Go ON with your bad self, Governor Palin!

(Photo Credit: PCBoomradio.com)

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