Jack Cafferty Proves he is Stupid... AGAIN!

On CNN’s extremist leftist show “The Situation Room,” Jack Cafferty had his little cage shaken again to do his poor man’s impression of Keith Olbermann yesterday.

He took after Sarah Palin to desperately try and defame her. All he ended up doing, though, was to show that he is a complete fool by using something against her that can be used against his OWN favorite pick as VP, Slow Joe Biden.

Cafferty says of the state of Alaska: “Sarah Palin is in her first term as governor of Alaska that’s a state that has 13 people and some caribou.”

Well, isn’t that nice? To slam Alaska like that? But, wait. What about Cafferty’s pick? Joe Biden, Senator for… uh… what state? Why it’s that giant state, that land of towering population, the center of American Metropolises Delaware.

Delaware MUST be HUGE, right Cafferty?

Alaska population as of 2006: 670,053Delaware population as of 2006: 853,904


Yeah that’s a BIG difference there, Cafferty!!

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