Singer Randy Newman on McCain's Music List: 'Then Again, Hitler Liked Some Good Music, You Know?'

Blender Magazine, self billed as “the ultimate guide to music and more,” is famous for compiling “lists” of music for one thing or another. This month they’ve gone politics with the candidate’s top ten favorite songs as reported by the campaign offices of John McCain and Barack Obama. To make a mountain out of this mole hill, they also invited as commentators on these lists aging funnyman Randy Newman and exhibitionist Gregg Gillis who goes by the stage name “Girl Talk.”

For the most part, it is all pointless gibberish that these two “experts” are blathering concerning the two candidate’s music picks. But two things stand out… but first the Blender lists:


  1. Dancing Queen ABBA
  2. Blue Bayou Roy Orbison
  3. Take a Chance On Me ABBA
  4. If We MakeIt Through December Merle Haggard
  5. As Time Goes By Dooley Wilson
  6. Good Vibrations The Beach Boys
  7. What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
  8. I’ve Got You Under My Skin Frank Sinatra
  9. Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond
  10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Platters


  1. Ready or Not Fugees
  2. What’s Going On Marvin Gaye
  3. I’m On Fire Bruce Spingsteen
  4. Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones
  5. Sinnerman Nina Simone
  6. Touch the Sky Kanye West
  7. You’d Be So Easy to Love Frank Sinatra
  8. Think Aretha Franklin
  9. City of Blinding Lights U2
  10. Yes We Can will.i.am

As I said, two comments from these “experts” stand out. The first is where Gregg Gillis said that he found Obama’s pick of “Yes We Can” by will.i.am a bit odd. He didn’t seem to know if it was “cool or creepy” that the song was on the list. “Maybe he’s in love with himself,” Gillis said, “and wants to hear his speeches over and over as collaged by will.i.am.” (By the way, just as presented there was no question mark punctuating the end of that sentence on the Blender site)

Mildly amusing that.

I have to agree with both of them that it was interesting to see The Beatles shut out of the lists, too.

But, not to be outdone by Gillis’ mild Obama hit, the dyspeptic Newman had to come out swinging at McCain.

McCain has a really likeable list. Then again, Hitler liked some good music, you know?

I see. So McCain is just like Hitler, eh?


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