AP: 'Gay Ex-Governor Owes Wife No Alimony'... Name That Party?

Many of you will remember New Jersey Governor James McGreevey who ended up having to admit he gave his gay lover an undeserved State job — even as the gay lover claimed sexual harassment — and that he was cheating on his wife and family with that very gay lover. Many will also remember that disgraced Governor James McGreevey was a Democrat. “Many” apparently doesn’t include the Associated Press because they are still publishing stories about James McGreevey leaving out that one little fact that he was a Democrat.

To the AP, McGreevey is merely the “Former Gov.” who has succeeded in winning a recent court case brought by his ex-wife who was seeking alimony. Oh, the AP gives us all sorts of information about our friend James McGreevey. The AP tells us that he was an acknowledged “gay American,” we find out he was “the nation’s first openly gay governor,” and that McGreevey is now oddly a “seminary student.”

But, not once does the AP let us know he was a Democrat.

Not once.

We can sadly pile this little omission on top of the many dozens of stories of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick sentenced to jail for all sorts of infractions of the law… but apparently not a Democrat as far as the AP is concerned. As always the pattern of rarely reporting the party affiliation of a disgraced public official when they are a Democrat holds true in these two instances.

At least kudos can be given in the case where the AP (finally) reported the John Edwards love child story. There in the fourth paragraph Edwards is called a “Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2004.” So, hooray for the AP… for a change.

In any case, the game rolls on. Name That Party continues in the media unabated.

(Photo credit: New Jersey Star-Ledger)

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