Is Warner Todd Huston a Mythical Creature?

Well, is this Warner Todd Huston fellow a myth? Is “he” really just a pen name for several writers from that vast right-wing conspiracy circling the web in their black helicopters?

Just ponder that question for a minute. Seriously, who has time to write two, three even four full opinion editorials a day? Who can appear on up to 15 websites or more daily? Who can be in Der Spiegel Magazine in Germany one day, the Washington Tmes the next, and then The New York Times? Who is able to have his work noted on the Air by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neil Bortz, Michael Savage, and countless other radio hosts across the country? Who is one of the most prolific writers on NewBusters.org?

Well, it seems that at least one of the fellow travelers on NewsVine thinks that this WTH is not a real person! NewsViner Joseph Caligiuri has a theory, you see:

Samuel & Mike, it has been my contention for months now that there is no such person as warnertoddhuston Mike as you seem to notice his many articles? I have figured that for the past 5 months it has averaged 2 a day. Its line is always bull and condescending to the Repubs. No insult will get you a reply and how on earth could one person seed, clip, and post on such a clock work basis. Call me Paranoid or call me left but in reality I am the retired Vietnam vet in your neighborhood who’s kids played with yours and my real name is joe caligiuri, With a smile and a grain of salt, Joe

Now I might be a little afraid for the kids in his neighborhood, but… you know.

Now surely you can trust Mr. Caligiuri’s conspiracy. After all, he has such levelheaded, and thoughtful articles on his main NewsVine page that his opinion must be unassailable. Important articles such as “Are YOU One of the 8 Million Targeted for Roundup by US Govt?,” and “Is A Complete Economic Meltdown Just Around the Corner?” grace his personal collection. He also features a nice poster called “Fascism – You really think it’ll be this obvious?” that features a double line of Star Wars Storm Troopers on the march down an inner city street.

Well, let me assure you, this guy — me — is a real person. I am not a myth or a figment of some right-wing conspiracist’s imagination.

OK, stop it with the silly conspiracy theories. It’s me, WTH (and no that doesn’t stand for What The H _ ll) I’m just an average American Joe that is interested in politics, philosophy, and fostering American exceptionalism at home and abroad.

There is no conspiracy. Many have met me in person. I have two goldfish, three sons (one in the Army), a wife whose patience I seriously and continuously tax on a daily basis and an extended family that I love dearly.

Sometimes I spell things wrong, sometimes my grammar is questionable. I have no staff and no editor — and some may think that’s painfully obvious, ha, ha. I’m just a work-a-day guy with a big mouth and more to say than anyone will listen to! I read too much history, watch little TV, and argue way too much with my coworkers. I like walks on the beach and an occasional pina colada…. or a beer.

Anyway, I just thought that this NewsVine reply was hilarious and that some of you out there might get a laugh out of it, too.

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