Union Demands City Stop Saving Money

The School District in the City of Madison, Ohio will save $300,000 each year for the next 5 years by privatizing their school busses. Naturally, the union is trying to stop this savings by taking the city to court.

Apparently, the union contract for the school busses ran out and the city decided to privatize the system instead of continue with the union. Of course, this is a long term savings, too. It eliminates the healthcare costs and pension costs to the city, as well.

All good policy decisions, to be sure. Saving the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Naturally, the union is upset and are trying to take the city to court.

The 32-page lawsuit also alleges the school district breached its collective bargaining agreement with OAPSE when it terminated the bus drivers and other transportation employees and calls the contract, “a civil conspiracy by secretly devising a scheme to hire CBS” and also claims the board used code words such as “Phase 2” and “Phase 3” to strike the deal in secret.

This is one more example of why unions are not in the public’s interest. Here the city is saving all this money for the taxpayers and what is the union doing? trying to destroy that savings.

It is outrageous that this union is trying to rip off the taxpayers like this. But, it should be no surprise.

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