England: Stabbed, Gutted and Bleeding Out

Most haughty Europeans look down their nose at we “violent Americans.” They sniff the air at the ugly American and assume that they are, one and all, more “civilized” than we gauche colonials. Look at all the gun violence in America, they say. They tsk. tsk us for the deaths by gun. Certainly they are better than we?

Now shocking news emerges out of England this month. It is estimated that 25,000 stabbings have occurred in Jolly, more civilized ol’ England in the last 12 months alone. You read that right, there have been 25,000 incidents of knife violence in England in the last year.

Worse, those numbers generally only include incidents where blood is drawn.

The count includes only murders, stabbings where blood is spilled and knifepoint muggings. If less-serious crimes like threats or illegal possession were included, numbers would be far higher.

And what is the government doing? Well, in truth it doesn’t matter a bit what they are or are not doing. Since the common people have no right to defend themselves in England, they are like sheep to the slaughter.

Even as the English look down their nose at America’s supposedly violent culture, they have themselves developed a worse case. But, this isn’t just an English or American problem, it is a western problem. We are steadily becoming an anti-intellectual, anti-religious society and this is showing up in the brutality of our young who have been raised to imagine that they are each the center of the universe.

In the meantime, our youth are brutalizing each other with increasing rapidity with willful, licentious behavior. The west is slowly killing itself as the barbarians at the gate stand watching, salivating at our destruction.

So, I hate to say “we deserve it,” but we are certainly all at fault for it. The west is bleeding itself to death.

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