Liberals Spy Comcast 'Conspiracy'

I do believe that liberals in this country have their tin foils hats on way too tight these days. At least, it’s easy to think that over the new national conspiracy theory that lefties are all balled up over lately. You see, it is being imagined in the dim, dark recesses of the left’s collective consciousness that cable company Comcast is out to silence them.

Apparently, Comcast has come down from their circling black helicopters and decided to target the left by moving MSNBC from their basic cable package to their more expensive premium services. This will, you see, “marginalize outspoken liberal voices” like Keith Olbermann.

It couldn’t be that Comcast is just trying to make more cash by moving popular channels to their ever expanding digital service in preparation for when the whole country goes digital, right? It has to be some deep, dark, anti-left conspiracy by an eeeevil corporate monster, it must be supposed.

Wild-eyed lefties from Portland, Oregon to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are calling foul over Comcast’s billing change and it’s all because, they imagine, Comcast is out to destroy them.

Cue the dramatic music.

Just look at this specious conspiracy “reasoning”:

On local talk radio, the suspicion is that Comcast is engaging in a back-door rate increase that disproportionately affects Democrats during an important election year. Because MSNBC caters to liberal voices in ways that Fox and CNN don’t, moving it to a more expensive tier is suspect.

It has been said that liberalism is a mental disease. Well, this new leftie symptom sure doesn’t help dispel that claim as a definite possibility. Either liberals have too much time on their hands — probably spending too much time on welfare and not at work — or it really is a mental disorder that leaves them prone to wild flights of fantasy?

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