Gas Prices Cause Louisiana Women to Resort to 'Pole Dancing'?

WAFB TV Channel 9, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana pulled out all the stops for this ridiculous report claiming that “some women” in the Pelican State are resorting to working in strip clubs because gasoline is so expensive. To prove it, WAFB found one woman that said so. I’d say that clinches this as “fact,” then, wouldn’t you?

In typical sensationalistic news fashion, WAFB TV assumes that because gas is more expensive, women across the state are throwing away their morals to work as strippers.

During these tough economic times, many people are struggling to make ends meet. The city’s housing market is in a slump, gas and food prices are rising, and some say it’s either sink or swim. Now, some women are going to great lengths to make some extra cash right in Baton Rouge.

Really? “Great lengths,” eh? So, to believe this report we have to assume that strip clubs are doing well enough that a great influx of new employees is possible. But here is the question: if the economy is so bad, how is it that strip clubs are going so strong? That doesn’t make much sense, WAFB.

Still, the sensationalism continues.

It’s a fantasy, an escape for some attempting to close off the outside world. However, for the women inside who are barely clothed and strapped into high heels, exotic dancing can be a way to survive. “All of my bills were getting to be too much, especially when gas started going up,” says one woman, who’ll be referred to as Amber throughout the report to protect her identity.

Absurdly, WAFB uses the “some women” line twice.

With the average price of gasoline in these parts at an all-time high of $4.00 per gallon, and food costs rising, some women are entering the world of adult entertainment. This world of quick cash is nothing new to Amber. She stripped for three years in local clubs, but took a break after finding out she was pregnant. She then got back into the profession shortly after gas prices started rising and feeding her child got difficult. “Honestly, there are some days where I just don’t eat because I can’t afford to go buy food. Especially when it comes to diapers or milk, oh my God.”

Then the TV reports hits even more salacious material by talking about the “rapes” that occur in these strip clubs, the drug abuse, etc. WAFB pulls out all the stops for this piece.

The ending is interesting, too.

Amber says she is currently in school. She says she knows quite a few women who have recently turned to exotic dancing in order to either pay their bills, get through school, or take care of their children.

Say, WAFB, did you ever think to wonder exactly why our poor little Miss Amber knows so many women who have turned to exotic dancing to make a living? Might it be that it’s because these are the sorts of people she hangs around with? I mean if one hangs around with feminists, then all one will know is feminists. If one hangs around a bowling alley, one will get to know an awful lot of bowlers. And, did anyone stop to wonder where Mr. Amber was? And did anyone realize that one of the reasons that Miss Amber is having such a bad time of it is because there isn’t a Mr. Amber to help her?

Taking Amber’s experiences and exploding them into some sort of state wide trend is amazing. But that is what WAFB certainly tried to do. Welcome to sensationalist TV. It’s the Jerry Springer news in Louisiana.

(Image credit: merchantcircle.com)

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