Binding Arbitration = Financial Collapse of Business Sector

We are reminded here on the blog that there is one aspect of the lie that is the Employee Free Choice Act bill that isn’t much discussed. That is the binding arbitration feature of this business/economy killing legislation. Besides the card check aspect where a union can dispense with the ages old democratic system of the secret ballot when employees are voting as to whether or not they even want a union in the first place — leaving employees open to union pressure and thuggery — there is the binding arbitration aspect of this legislation.

The binding arbitration will force business to decide their contract within 120 days of the card check vote should that vote favor the union. If the contract isn’t settled in 120 days, then a federal arbitrator steps in to decide the matter. In other words, it will be taken out of the hands of both union and business owners and will become another illegitimate, nanny state venue of government.

Now, since unionism adds at least 22% to the administrative costs of business that are forced into unionism, this far, far easier path to unionism will surely force many smaller business to fold as well as force thousands of workers into underfunded pension plans all across the state, and later the country if this debacle spreads.

So, there is more in the EFC Act that is detrimental to our economy and way of life than just the anti-democratic idea of card check.

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