I’ve been switching back and forth for about the last four hours between the Senate coverage on CSPAN1 and House coverage on CSPAN.  No I’m a not that much of a political geek, but I am very interested in my senate confirmation to Lt Col in the Air Force which a senate staffer in Sen. Shelby’s office assured me would be done on a unanimous consent vote tonight. Of course with all of the budget stuff going on they never got to nominations and now it looks like everyone is going home for the night.  Maybe tomorrow.  Looks like no Republicans voted for Barry’s budget, which is good. Picked up maybe two Dems.

On CSPAN Banking Queen Barney Frank was yammering for about a half hour about hour the housing meltdown was all the Republicans fault because they were opposed to regulation.   A couple of Republican congressmen then got up and tore him a new one (which he probably needs by now).

CSPAN then switched to Barry’s presser in London.  He is absolutely lost without TOTUS.  What a bumbling fool.  He just said that he wanted to call on another “foreigner.”  Yes, he actually said foreigner.  In London.  Then he caught himself and said “you see I’m laughing because I’m actually the foreigner here.”  I can’t believe we elected this rube.