Just a Common Man

I am new to the idea of telling people some of the thoughts I have, but reading all the different post have opened me up a little. Everybody has an opinion and who am I to say you are right or wrong. I am not always right in my own home, I think of myself as being in charge, but the Mrs. lets me know who is running the store.

We do have some major problems in the country. We the people seem to understand this, but congress on the other hand seems to be out to lunch. I’m tired of both sides not willing to work with the other. If the Rep. like it the Dem’s. don’t, and if the Dem’s like it the Rep’s don’t. This country was made because people were willing to work together and solve problems. Do you understand (*work together). *

I wish I could say something that would bring us all together and make things just right, but I know I’m not the person to do it. I love this country, I served in a time a lot of people would like to forget, I hope they don’t. I’ve been overseas and trust me this is the BEST country in the world. Yet we do have our problems. So heres to our future, may God grace us his understanding, and give us the help we need.