To Protect and Defend the Constitution

     In Philadelphia, 223 years ago, delegates from the several states loosely bound under a government called the Articles of Confederation, formally scrapped that government and delivered to the people a new government.  This government, as proposed in the united States Constitution was a radical departure from anything every tried in the history of man-kind.  This new government had elements of then current and previous governments and elements of ideas from political philosophers of the day and those from history.  It created a federal system just strong enough to resolve problems between the geographically and economically different States, just strong enough to protect those States in times of crises, but weak enough to allow the States and People in those States to have a wide degree of autonomy over their own affairs.

     The new united States Constitution was also carefully crafted to protect the States and the People from ever falling under a Tyranny again.  A system of checks and balances was purposefully crafted into the Constitution to counter ‘the nature of man’, or the shortcomings we as humans have to our egos, greed, power and corruption.  These negative qualities were as well known in 1787 as they are today, however, we can thank the noble men of that time for crafting a document that placed Liberty and Freedom above all.  I dare say, if some of our current politicians were in that room during the fateful months that culminated in the creation of the Constitution, we would not be so free today.

     Today, 223 years later, this country stands at the precipice.  We are one election away from utter salvation or utter annihilation.  The ultimate check placed on our government is not the vote; it is the consent of the people.  The people exercise that consent through their vote, but en mass they can retract that consent by simply not following the laws of this nation.  We are a nation of laws and the people give consent to the government every day when they follow those laws.

     The people of this country who do follow the laws of this country expect the laws to be enforced.  When government officials either elected or appointed do not enforce the law, they are in effect saying, “I don’t give my consent for this government to have any authority anymore.”

     The Supreme Law of the Land is the United States Constitution.  When we send a representative to Congress or elect a President and that person willfully violates the Constitution or ignores the original intent of the Constitution, that person is in effect saying, “I don’t give my consent for this government to have any authority anymore, my authority is supreme.”  This is what many of our elected officials are doing and have done for many years.

     I for one never gave any of my elected officials the authority to make that decision.  Only the People or the States have that authority.  Elected and appointed officials acting on behalf of elected officials, only have the authority to carry out with due diligence the duties outlined for them to do by either the Constitution or the laws passed by Congress in accordance with the Constitution.

     President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the respective leaders of two branches of our government have willfully ignored the Constitution by passing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requiring people to purchase something whether they want it or not. The Constitution gives them no authority to require a person to purchase something.  This very same law, Nancy Pelosi wanted to slide through Congress by deeming it to be passed when she didn’t have the votes to pass it with a roll call vote, an intent to violate the Constitution.  President Barack Obama as the Chief Executive in this nation is required to enforce the laws of this nation and protect the States from invasion, yet the borders remain porous and thousands of people from foreign countries come across our border every day, in violation of our immigration laws.

     These are just a few of the things we have been forced to endure from this group of Tyrants who have usurped the Constitution and will continue to do anything and everything to violate it and the laws of our country.  If that is not a Tyranny, then I don’t know what one is.

     Earlier I stated this nation is at the precipice.  We are the ultimate check on this government and it is now in our hands to place that check on those elected officials who have only disdain for the Constitution and the United States under that Constitution.  If we as a nation do not do this, I believe the future for this country is lost.

     When I entered the military in October 2001, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  We now have domestic enemies in our midst and we must now defend Our Constitution.  I will do so now and every day until November 2nd when I remove my consent for the person currently representing me in Congress and give it to her opponent.  I hope all Americans will do the same in their respective Congressional district elections and State Senatorial elections.  The future of Our Country depends on it.



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