In The Year of Our Lord, 2012

It is important to understand radical Muslim theology, not because it is true, but because some of the people who believe it want to kill you. Likewise, it is important to understand a lesser known theology which may also spawn efforts to harm. This week, Fightin Words entertains the fringe, exploring the New Age movement, theosophy, Luciferianism, and similar paradigms which share a common vision of a coming “enlightenment” or “shift in consciousness” which will subvert the “Old Order” and unify humanity under a single banner. Those who resist this shift will be “holding humanity back,” and are to be dealt with accordingly. The shift is due, we are told, in the year 2012. These views need to be taken seriously, not because they are based on an underlying truth, but because the language of their anticipated world order is nearly identical to that proposed by the political progressives currently in power across the globe. At the very least, this New Age belief provides an opportunity for globalist progressives to gain support for radically transformative policies. It is often said the Left is a religion. In this case, it is literally true.

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