Why is MSNBC giving Trump a second televised town hall?

I’m actually looking forward to the 2 town halls that CNN is televising on Wednesday and Thursday.  No, CNN isn’t perfect but, at least here, they’re doing the GOP a solid.  I think the format is going to allow candidates to present themselves in a much more attractive light than the dumpster-fire that “real” debates have become.

So, on Thursday, we’ll see Bush, Kasich, and Trump.  On Wednesday, we’ll see Carson, Cruz, Rubio, and Trump again.

Wait, what?!?

No, CNN is not giving Trump 2 slots.  Blame MSNBC.  They’re countering CNN’s Wednesday town hall with their own programming: a solo town hall by Trump, moderated by Scarborough and Brze…Brezhez….Mika.

Is there anything the RNC can do about this?  I mean — I know they won’t, but is there anything they could do?  Promise to blackball NBC networks in the general election?

Assuming viewers can figure out which channel MSNBC is — it seems intolerable to me for the RNC to be complicit with a “progressive” entertainment channel trying to overshadow an event with Cruz and Rubio.

Details at Politico, here.