A poetic tribute to Memorial Day

Freedom’s Flag


The Flag is passing by. MY Flag is passing by.

Hand over heart, I stand in silent homage.

They march behind it proudly. Can you see them there?

Men in Khaki, and Olive Drab, and Navy blue.

A ghostly Parade.


So many colors, so many centuries.

Uniforms change, but brave hearts remain the same.

Strong and true, they risk all for Freedom.

They stand and die at Liberty’s front door.

No price too great.


Stout guardians of our sacred heritage,

Heroes and children of heroes. God Bless them.

Weapons in hand, they guard ground red with blood

And where they stand, men breathe forever free.

Pray for them.


Again they stand on dismal foreign ground.

They bring the torch of Liberty to darkened lands.

I see men stand erect, after centuries on their knees.

How proud I am. How full my heart.

MY Flag is passing by!