Obama's Mistress???

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The National Enquirer is reporting it has proof that Obama was caught in a hotel with a female staffer when he was an Illinois State Senator. The story is being carried on www.Drudgereport.com, ensuring that it will be read by tens of millions of Americans. Here is a link to the National Enquirer story:



With a little more digging, I have discovered that the story has already been reported in newspapers all over Europe. Apparently the American media did not think it was newsworthy. (Surprise, surprise!!)


Remember, National Enquirer was the publication that broke the story of John Edwards’ love child. They claim to be actively researching additional aspects of the Obama story. The Drudge Report is read by an average of 25 million people daily, so any hope of a cover-up is now dead.


Here is a link to additional stories on this subject, including reports from foreign newspapers and pictures of Vera Baker, the woman allegedly involved:



It is also being reported that Michelle Obama found out about these love trysts and went ballistic. Mysteriously, in the aftermath of that explosion, Vera Baker gave up her business and left the Country. She is now said to reside on Martinique, in the Caribbean.  I have faith in the National Enquirer, however. They will relentlessly track her down no matter where she goes. According to the story, the National Enquirer has been following this story since before the elections in 2008, but they would not publish it without proof. Well, they have now come forward and put it in print, which tells us a whole lot.


When the Tiger Woods story first broke, only one woman was involved, until, of course, many other women started coming forward. I wonder if history will repeat itself?


Stay tuned!!

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