A Valentine's Day Gift for the Ladies

To my Valentine


I poured my love into a bottle,

Sealed it with a fervent prayer.

Gave it to my Guardian Angel,

Begged her, “Handle this with care.”


She oh-so-gently took it from me,

Her Golden Halo all aglow.

Folded loving arms around it,

Said she knew just where to go.


She flew away on snow white wings,

I hope she’ll bring it straight to you.

She’ll know the place where you’ve been hiding,

She’ll know just what she needs to do.


In my dreams, I see her find you,

Smiling as she plays her part.

I see her opening my bottle,

Watch my love infuse your heart.


On Angel’s wings she’ll rush you to me,

Place your gentle hand in mine.

I’ll wrap adoring arms around you,

And love you ’till the end of time.