Thinking the Unthinkable

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I heard a Fox News commentator raise the possibility of Israel using nukes against Iran. He was quickly pooh-poohed by his guest, and the subject was dropped.


I keep asking myself: “why is this subject considered to be simply unthinkable?”


Israel is confronted by a fanatical enemy that swears, almost daily, to annihilate the Israeli people in a nuclear holocaust. The Iranians are working diligently to give themselves the capability to do just that, while thumbing their collective noses at the pathetic attempts by Western Nations to get them to stop.


It seems to me to be a foregone conclusion that Israel’s survival as a nation will require them to take action to stop the Iranians from acquiring weapons of mass destruction, weapons which, once acquired, will seemingly be used against Israel immediately.


But wait! We are told repeatedly that Israel does not have the capability to destroy Iran’s nuclear processing facilities. We are told they are buried too deeply for conventional weapons to be effective, and that Iran’s defenses are too strong. I have heard the opinion that even American “Bunker Buster” bombs could not damage these Iranian facilities.


Moreover, we are told, that Israel could be overwhelmed by the ferocity of the Iranian response to any such attack. Not only would long range missiles and the Iranian Air Force attack Israeli population centers, but both Hamas and Hezbollah would launch all out attacks on Israel’s borders.


OK, so let’s say for the moment that I am the Israeli Prime Minister. I see a nation ruled by religious fanatics who are sworn to destroy my Country and wipe my people off the face of the earth. I see my enemies defying all the Nations of the world and actively working to acquire the very weapons that will enable them to carry out their threats.


And, through the efforts of my intelligence services, which are the best in the world, I know that they are very close to achieving their objective.


Worse yet, my own military commanders agree with the assessment that the Iranian nuclear facilities are beyond the reach of conventional weapons.


What to do? What to do?


What would you do? I know that if I were confronted with this situation, where the survival of my people is threatened, I would do whatever I had to do to ensure the survival of my Nation. If this means using nuclear weapons, then so be it. My enemy has left me no choice, even though I realize that we will be condemned by most of the Nations of the world, and may even face the sanctions that the Free World is unwilling to invoke against Iran.

Israel, reportedly, has hundreds of nuclear warheads. The use of just two or three would put an end to Iranian nuclear ambitions for decades to come, and ensure the survival of the Israeli people. It would also mean that there would be no retaliatory action, because even fanatics like the Iranians would realize that would simply trigger further nuclear attacks. Hamas and Hezbollah would climb back into their holes and keep safely out of sight.


Militarily, it is a win-win for Israel. The only downside, and it is a large consideration, would be universal condemnation, with the current American administration leading the charge. Israel would be even more isolated than it is now.


But it would survive!


Of course, this is pure speculation, and we can only sit back and watch developments.


However, I don’t think we will have long to wait.