Coincidence? You Decide!

Let’s start with the fact that the Obama Administration is being pummeled over its refusal to call the Fort Hood Murders an act of terrorism. Of course, the simple truth is that they can’t. To do that would be to admit that, after eight years of safety under George Bush, In less than one year under Barack Obama we have suffered a major terrorist attack on American soil. The toll? Thirteen dead and 30 odd wounded.
The story, and Obama’s refusal to admit the truth, has owned the front pages all over the Country ever since it happened.
That is until Eric Holder came along and announced that the Gitmo detainees charged in the attack on the Twin Towers will be brought to New York City for trial.
That blockbuster, and the popular uproar it caused, immediately accomplished two things: First, the Fort Hood story disappeared off the front pages, and, Secondly, focus shifted from Obama to Eric Holder.
We are already being warned that one problem with such a trial could be a large focus on the role of the Bush Administration in the interrogation of the prisoners. And so we must ask: “A problem for whom?”
Wow! What a deal. The Fort Hood massacre gets buried and instead we get Bush bashing that could drag on for one to to years. Sound familiar?
And so we must ask another question: is this yet another colossal blunder, or is it a carefully orchestrated distraction????
I report…you decide!     (:>)