To my friends in VA and NJ

In just about ten days you will have a historic opportunity to strike a blow for Freedom in America.
Both Virginia and New Jersey are currently governed by Democrats, and they are both up for re-election on November 3.
If the Republics win one or (please God!) both of these contests, it will be the equivalent of dropping an A Bomb on Capital Hill. It will be widely viewed as a repudiation of Obama’s policies, and the Democrats will run for cover like rats deserting a sinking ship.
Of course, the media will try to spin it as purely a reaction to local issues, but even the New York Times and the Washington Post will have a tough time selling that. By the way, as reported yesterday, the attempts to provide cover are already under way in Virginia, where the Republican candidate has a large lead.
New Jersey, unfortunately, is a three way race, and is closely contested. If the Independent candidate can siphon off enough Republican votes, the Democrats have a shot to win.
That is precisely why it is so critical that every one of you go out and vote. Every single vote is crucial, especially in New Jersey.  If necessary, please provide transportation for friends and family who might otherwise not take the trouble.
Remember: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
This is happening on our watch, folks. Let’s not have our grandchildren ask “How did your generation let this happen to America?”