Between Barack and a Hard Place

It is really hard to comprehend the ineptness of the current Administration. Obama is not just making George Bush look good, he is actually making Jimmy Carter look good!


Not satisfied with the “Chicago Olympics” debacle, he is now diligently at work setting himself up for an even harder fall. As previously discussed, having claimed ownership of the “good” war in Afghanistan, he now finds himself with a difficult choice to make. If he sides with his Generals and sends a large number of additional troops, he risks the certain fury of the Left Wing of his won party. He endangers votes he desperately needs to realize his dream of a socialist America. Can it be that he is actually thinking about playing hardball? Can he be thinking that the Left has nowhere else to go? I doubt it.


Reading between the lines, we can see his strategy developing. Joe Biden has announced “his” plan to continue the fight with a smaller, not larger, number of troops. Apparently, this is to be accomplished by abandoning the goal of Nation Building and relying on surgical strikes and the use of unmanned drones. This leaves Obama the option of standing off to the side and simply agreeing with the assessment of his more experienced Vice President. By the way, if anyone really thinks that Biden came up with this plan on his own, I have some shares of a bridge in New York I’d like to sell you.


Having said that, with the guaranteed assistance of the media, it is a subterfuge that might just slip by the war weary American people. But then we come up against the 2,000 pound gorilla lurking in the closet. Does General McCrystal want to be remembered as the Officer who presided over the loss of Afghanistan to a rag-tag force of religious irregulars? Military men share this strange belief: they want to win wars, not lose them.


I believe that General McCrystal would resign from the service rather than be in this position. And it could even get worse, much worse. Suppose General Petraeus were also to resign, rather than be associated with an impending debacle?


What little credibility Obama has left would go up in smoke. Even his fawning admirers in the media couldn’t suppress that news. It would hit the front pages like a bombshell, and rapidly deteriorate into a public relations nightmare. I would love to hear Robert Gibbs try to spin this one!


To the Obamunists, this has little to do with winning or losing a war, and less to do with the future of the Afghan people. It is all about domestic politics, and “Chicago Style” politics at that.


I never thought I would say this, but we are coming to a point where I could actually feel sorry for this guy. These folks are truly clueless!


Maybe he should make another Prime Time speech. That seems to be his solution for everything.