Lies, Damned Lies, and the Media

Apparently, Obama is not the only one who lies! I have been looking for estimates of the size of the crowd that descended on Washington yesterday, but all I have found are reports that the protestors numbered in the “Tens of Thousands”. (NY Times, Washington Post). No where are we told how many tens of thousands. Instead, we are told that officials in DC do not make crowd estimates, as the NYPD routinely does!

In fact, many members of the media did not report the story at all. Instead, they reported exclusively on Obama’s speech in Minneapolis, loudly proclaiming it was attended by 15,000 ardent supporters. We are, of course, not told how many were sent there by ACORN or the SEIU!

Even www.glennbeck.com fell for the “tens of Thousands” line. Perhaps Glenn needs to have a little chat with his writers!

Thanks to Matt Drudge, we are not limited to news generated by the American Media. When we look across The Pond, we find the London Daily Mail reporting that “Up to two million” took part in the protest. That is quite a few “tens of thousands”, although I suspect the truth is somewhere in between. Unfortunately, I have no way to know for sure, since the American media won’t Tell me. What a National disgrace!

Where is Joe Wilson when we need him?

Here is the link the the Daily Mail article.