9/11 Tribute

It’s that time of year again, so once again, here is my tribute to the victims of 9/11:


Death came on silver wings that fateful day,
And our world was changed forever.
Thousands murdered in the Name of God.
Women, children, old and young, lie in bitter graves.
Blinded by your hatred, you made the worst mistake of all,
You woke the sleeping dog.

Safe havens gone, as once proud Nations fall.
Soldiers march, and armored monsters roll.
Hide cowering in your holes, like the vermin you are.
Prostrate yourselves before your God of Murderers.
You have brought about your own destruction.
You woke the sleeping dog.

Guilty and innocent alike, joined in a dance of death.
Your victims lie in honored memory, while you will lie with pigs.
The rape of innocence… The slaughter of virtue.
Where now this God of yours? Can he stop the Lord of Hosts?
Ask no quarter…this fight is to the death.
You woke the sleeping dog.