Stimulus 2.0 - The Latest Scam

Surprise, surprise!! The Obamunists are hinting strongly that they may need another Stimulus bill to get the economy moving. Ummm, isn’t that what they said about the first stimulus bill?

Remember it was needed immediately (meaning without even being read) in order to keep unemployment from going over 8.0%. Well, now that unemployment hovers around 9.5%, people are beginning to ask “why” or better yet “how”. Notice I say “People are beginning to ask”. Apparently the media has not yet recognized the problem.

And so BO and gang (because that’s what they are) have come up with a new solution: another stimulus package!

But, wait a minute, didn’t I just read that roughly 90% of the original stimulus money has not yet been spent? I’ll answer my own question: “YES, I did read that roughly 90% of the original stimulus money has not yet been spent!!!”

So how can this new request possibly make sense? The answer is it cannot, and the Obamunists know it. And so here, I believe is the scam. The request for Stimulus 2.0 will be put before Congress, where it will be defeated, because not even Democrats will be willing to commit political suicide by voting for such a thing. Republicans will be virtually 100% opposed.

So why bother? I believe it is because BO knows the bill has no chance, and, in fact, wants it to be defeated. At this point the Administration, as Joe Biden admits, knows that they got it wrong. The original bill was all about Pork and could have little or no impact on creating jobs. The chickens are coming home to roost, and so the Obamunists come up with a great CYA plan!

When the failure becomes even more evident, and when the unemployment carnage continues to spread, Obama will simply say: “I told you so” and blame the whole thing on the Republicans for leading the charge to refuse to pass another stimulus bill.

Cute, isn’t it? To bad the Dems can’t put this kind of ingenuity to use actually fixing, or at least improving, the economy.

Here is another question you might want to ask your “Representatives” in Congress. We were told that the major emphasis of the original Stimulus bill was to literally “pour” money into “Shovel Ready” projects that would provide an immediate boost to the economy and create millions of jobs. Well, aside from the fact that it didn’t, and couldn’t happen, how about this: the last unemployment report shows us that the hardest hit sector was manufacturing, followed by white collar and professional jobs. Construction jobs were much further down on the list. So what good will “Shovel Ready” jobs do for the largest categories of the unemployed? The answer is “NONE”. And that is without even addressing the obvious fact that the “Shovel Ready” jobs require union membership, and that leaves out anyone who is not already a member of the unions involved.

It seems pretty obvious that “Stimulus 1.0” and “Stimulus 2.0” are badly misnamed! They should rightly be called “Scam 1.0” and “Scam 2.0”

Here’s a suggestion for our Fearless Leader: “Hey B.O., how about renaming Stimulus 2.0 the ‘Michael Jackson Memorial Stimulus Plan’?” That is sure to get it passed without embarrassing questions being asked. You know, just like the first time!!!