Fight Back Now

We are being hit by a double whammy, which apparently is Obama’s style. His preferred way of doing business is to rush critical legislation through before our “Representatives” have a chance to read it.

Right now, we have the disastrous “Cap and Trade” legislation scheduled for a vote today or tomorrow. And right behind it we have the equally disastrous Socialized Medicine bill coming along. Of course, they won’t call it that, but that is what it is.

Below is a copy of the e-mail that I sent to my elected “Representatives”. But we need everyone to do the same. The only thing that will save us is for our voices to be heard loud and clear. Please feel free to copy all or sections of my letter, if you wish. The important thing is that you say something!

To get your representatives e-mail address, please visit:


To reach your Congressman, you may need the full Zip Plus Four. If you don’t know it, you can get it here:


Then just enter this information to get links to your Senators and your Congressman. Click on the person’s name, and then click on “Contact”. That will bring you to his or her official website. Once there, hunt around for a “Contact Us” link.

Every little bit helps. Now we need you to get in the game.

My letter is just below.

What is going on in Washington? Are you all determined to destroy our once great Nation?

Cap and Trade? Are you kidding? This is being reported as the greatest tax increase in U.S. History, and you are threatening to pass it right in the middle of the most serious economic downturn since the great depression.

On top of all that, you want to take away my health care with a plan that really doesn’t even exist. What will you vote on, some vague Obamunist version of “Fairness”. Will my health care disappear in the pages of another bill that is rammed through Congress without being read?

Does it never cross your mind that Government controlled medicine has failed everywhere in the world where it has been tried? Do you ever stop to think about the situation in Canada, as a nearby example? It this what you plan to do to Americans?

Keep in mind, my elected “Representative” that senior citizens, like me, are dedicated voters. We show up at the polls, and I promise you that, at the first opportunity, we will show up with a vengeance to vote out of office anyone who messes with our health care. No, Medicare isn’t perfect, but for most of us it covers our basic needs, which is all we ask.

Or do you believe, as Tom Daschle has said, that seniors should learn to live with their illnesses instead of trying to treat them? There was a time, in this Nation, when senior citizens were regarded with dignity and respect. With our current “Gangster Government” that is no longer true. Now seniors seem to be regarded as a drain on society, to be eliminated as soon as possible.

It becomes increasingly clear that the only way to save America is through Term Limits on Congress.

You should know before you vote that we are watching, and waiting impatiently to exact our revenge.

Gene R. Kneip