The Real Lesson of Iran

The principal lesson to be learned from the demonstrations in Iran today is very simple: they are demonstrations of popular unhappiness with the government, but nothing more.

They represent virtually no threat to the status quo. “Why not?” you ask? Because unarmed people, no matter how motivated, cannot wrest power from armed police and armed militia!

This is a lesson all too well known to the Obamunists in Washington who are plotting and scheming to steal American liberty and turn us into a form of government that has failed everywhere in the world that it has been tried.

In order for them to force their agenda on us, they know well that they must first take away our guns! And the stealth attempts to do just that are already under way. Oh, it will not be open and apparent. The Obamunists and their adoring minions in the press will work overtime to conceal the truth from the American people until it is too late.

Instead of sealing the border with Mexico, they will point to the number of American guns finding their way into that war torn Country. Obama has already gone on National TV and blatantly lied to the people about that situation, confident in the belief that the average American is too stupid to understand what is going on.

They will point to the shooting death of Dr. George Tiller, and the shootings at the Holocaust Museum. They will tell us these killings were perpetrated by right wing extremists with easy access to guns.

It was no accident when the Department of Homeland Security warned local law enforcement about the dangers presented by conservative (i.e. gun owning) Americans and by returning war veterans. They realized all too well that these are the groups that must be disarmed and silenced in order for them to inflict their Marxist agenda on the American people.

Do I sound like an alarmist? Look around you. Listen to what is being said and read between the lines. America faces the greatest threat to Liberty that it has ever faced, because this threat comes from within. It does not come at us wearing jackboots and lightning bolts. There is no symbol of the Rising Sun to alert us. It comes at us in the guise of sweet reason, promising to do all kinds of goods things for us. It will right all wrongs. It will make us a “Fair” society. It will strengthen and empower the weak.

But before any of this can proceed to its logical, and devastating, conclusion, they must first take away our guns!