The concience of Joe Biden

Joe Biden was on PBS Newshour on Thursday night speaking about the protests in Egypt. He stated that he did not believe that President Mubarak should step down, nor was he a dictator. He further seemed to question the legitimacy of some of the grievances of the protesters. This is unconscionable. Mr. Biden is the duly elected vice president of the United States of America, and is the direct beneficiary of the blood of all of the patriots that was shed in order to secure our right of self determination. The very right that allowed Americans to put Mr. Biden in the position that he is now is being fought for by Egyptians, Yemenis and others in the middle east and around the world. The most sacred of human rights is the right to self determination, and by extension the right of a people to consent to power. President Mubarak has controlled his country for decades in an autocratic manner, fixing elections and quashing dissent with force. The people of Egypt do not consent to his power, and yet he claims a right to continue to hold that power. He shuts off mass communication and then proceeds to murder his countrymen. He can no longer claim any mandate to rule with this kind of abuse. His power is therefore illegitimate, and he is a dictator and must step down. We as Americans must remember our place in the world, and the price paid time and time again to pass the blessings of liberty down to us. We must always stand with those who wish to choose their own governments and decide their own futures. America was wrong when George W. Bush supported Ben Ali in Tunisia. America was wrong when we supported successive military dictatorships in South Korea. America was wrong just last week when President Obama legitimized and then honored the autocratic leader of China, President Hu Jintao with a state dinner. Biden is wrong when he stands against the people of Egypt and their struggle for freedom of choice. This is unacceptable, and Mr. Biden deserves nothing but contempt for his words, both from the American public as well as every free person in the world, and every person fighting to be free.