Mr Miller, it is over

We are different. We accept defeat graciously, wish our opponent the very best, if they are in the same party, we endorse them  and then step back and look towards the next election. We (rightly) were angry when Bob Bennett, Charlie Crist, Mike Castle, Lisa Murkowski and others didn’t accept defeat in an honorable fashion, and in some cases mounted independent campaigns to take what they thought was rightfully theirs. Regardless of our personal feelings towards our opponents, we must always act the adult. Where others let their true selves show, we must show ourselves to be always be a servant to the will of the people, and not to our own desires. That is why Joe Miller must give up his quest for the Senate. Murkowski won. End of story. Even if every challenged ballot was thrown out, she would still win by over two thousand votes. He has no chance of winning, yet he presses on and refuses to concede the race. If he had conceded after the final vote count, after the vote count was insurmountable even with challenged ballots thrown out, he may have had a future in Alaskan politics. I think by now he has destroyed any good will he had with the Alaskan people with his selfish crusade to take away something that is not his. He did not win that seat. The people did not wish for him to represent him, therefore he should respect their decision. We as conservatives should always have the highest standards for ourselves, and expect them of those who run in our name. Also, happy Christmas to everyone.