Who is rich these days?

I am not rich. Not by a long shot. Therefore, I don’t think I have to worry about being the object of class warfare. But really, who is rich? The word has been thrown around since people figured out what class warfare was. Rich has meant robber barons, steel magnates, the Rockefeller family, CEO’s, millionaires, billionaires, celebrities, and everything in between. Bill Clinton decided in the 90’s that rich meant making more than $250,000 dollars. The alternative minimum tax was supposed to be a tax on the rich, however as rich has changed over time it now requires a yearly fix in order not to hit middle income families. The progressive tax system was built as a method of making the rich pay their “fair share.” This has turned into a system where the top 20% pays almost all of the taxes in the country. What’s fair about that? Now Obama says that an individual that makes $200,000 or a couple that makes $250,000 is rich. And when the government needs more money, what will the new definition be? Will that number include benefits? Will it include realized and possibly non-realized capital gains? Or will the number just go lower? Calling someone rich is nothing more than a convenient excuse to take their money by turning people against some faceless group of the so-called “rich”. When it comes to rich people, we all can name many. Anyone who runs a company or was in a bunch of movies is probably rich. There are even the pretentious few who go on ABC’s Sunday morning program and tell Obama to raise their taxes to help puppies and rain forests and such. But there are also all the other ones out there. The small business owner, the mid-level manager who is married to a tenured teacher from Chicago where they pay teachers a six figure salary, and perhaps an engineer for Boeing that’s been with the company 20 years. Why are we supposed to despise these people and think that they aren’t pulling their part? Unless you Paris Hilton, someone making that kind of money is working for it. People are paid what they are worth. And if someone is worth a lot of money, they probably contribute a lot to society. Why are we to penalize them for that? Why does the left in America hate the rich? Do they want the producers in our economy to fail and subsequently take the economy down with it? At it would be an equal and just society. Everyone is the same because their all poor! Mission accomplished, everything is equitable. I try and not think of people as evil, just well meaning idiots. Though sometimes it’s hard to continue to have faith in the lack of hostile motives of leftists. But at least you know that when they come for all of your money, you’re rich!