The numbers just don't add up for racism as the explanation.

I’m looking at the Exit Polls for the election – Comparing 2016 to 2012.

Trump got 8% of the Black Vote to Romney’s 6%.
29% of the Hispanic Vote compared to Romney’s 27.
29% of the Asian Vote compared to Romney’s 26.

(And if you compare the net difference that covers Hillary’s drop in votes vs Obama in 2012, the differences are even more severe, at 7, 8 and 11% changes)

However, in the White Vote, he only improved his standing by 1% over Romney.

So, if you take the media narrative seriously that all he is doing is appealing to racists and white supremacists, that doesn’t make any sense. He actually improved the vote percentages among whites significantly less than he did any of the 3 major minority groups tracked by the NYT.

Now where did he significantly improve over Romney? Poor Voters, non-College educated voters. The ones who have been left behind economically over the past few years (or decades). Those who have had those big advantages in life were much more pro-Hillary than they were pro-Trump.

It’s not the left lashing out at Racists. Its the elites lashing out at those they think are inferior to them. The unemployed, underemployed, voters with less educational opportunities. If you condemn them all as racists, then you don’t have to think about why they disagree with you.