It all makes Sense now!

One of the big factors in Obama’s 2008 victory was the Youth Vote. Exit Polls Show that he got 66% of the 18-29 demographic’s votes, A far larger portion than any other age range.

Meanwhile, if you look at the Unemployment rate, broken down by age, It’s the Younger workers with the highest Unemployment rates. Those in their Teens and twenties are in much worse shape when looking for a job than anyone else.

So how on earth does that make sense? Why would Obama implement economic policies that severely hurt his strongest supporters? Well, in terms of Economics, it doesn’t matter. He’s got enough large money donors and international credit card contributions that he can do without their money. But, he does need Campaign workers in 2012. It’s a lot easier to get Volunteer labor out of them, when he doesn’t have to compete for their time with an real paying job.