The Destruction of "Moonbat" Newt Gingrich

As I write this, Mark Levin is on a serious rampage on his show about the state of the Republican primary, and how there is a full court press to literally destroy Newt Gingrich.

“Don’t count me among them,” he says.

Mark is right.

If Romney, or any other candidate, wants my vote, they will have to convince me to vote for them, not against someone else. But what’s worse, is that Romney has no place calling anyone out for being a non-conservative.

Quotes from Romney:

Oct. 25, 1994, Mitt Romney, trying to distance himself from conservatives so he could run against Ted Kennedy: “I was an independent during Reagan/Bush. ”

He also said during that race he would “never waver” on a woman’s right to choose, and he made that decision because of watching his mother work for woman’s rights in the 1970’s, and that someone he “met” had a botched abortion, and so it made him realize that abortion must be legal. Hmmm…sounds suspiciously like how he became pro-life. He met someone, or witnessed some case….why is one more compelling than the other? The person he met is more compelling than his mother?

Then in 2002, Romney says he’s a “progressive moderate” Republican. That’s HIM saying that, on video. Six years later, the man is trying to win the Republican nomination for president.

The reason I bring up these quotes from Romney, is that he is the one trying to convince us that Gingrich really wasn’t a Reagan advocate. Why should I listen to him, someone who tried repeatedly to distance himself from conservatives?

Further, as Levin said, Gingrich did more to further the conservative movement during that time and into the 1990’s than almost anyone except Reagan. When Gingrich was fighting Democrats, Romney was distancing himself from conservatives. This is not to say Gingrich isn’t wishy washy. He’s not my first choice, but I won’t sit by while he gets destroyed ala Palin by our own party.

Last, and perhaps most important because I am an expert on one line of attack from the Romneyites, let’s talk about the moon base. 

I’ve reported for Gannett on events near Kennedy Space Center for the last 6 years, and my military experience includes a background with NASA and Air Force space launches.  I’ve written two books about the history of the space program, and I’ve met or interviewed dozens of astronauts.

Now Romney is taking a line of attack that having a goal of a moon base is somehow crazy. How far some of these blog commenters and advocates of Romney have fallen.

Yes, you can disagree and argue on if spending money on a moon base is a good idea or even viable with our debt, but calling someone crazy for wanting to see us there is just a personal, political attack. 

I am one of those “crazy” people who knows for a fact that not only is a moon base possible, its feasible financially. Not just to “inspire” the next generation, although that is a nice side effect, but because it’s a national defense issue.

Trust me, it is not science fiction to think of China on the moon in two decades, with some kind of weapon aimed directly at us or our satellites, or using that to further their space technology far beyond what we can dream of now. It is vitally important we don’t let that happen.

How do we pay for it? Well first, there will be a NASA budget. That is the first issue. Moving money in that budget away from “muslim outreach” and toward a new goal is a good thing. But beyond that, there are many ways to partner with private companies and have much of the cost taken care of.

Again, this isn’t science fiction. Eventually, the moon could be mined for a type of non-polluting nuclear fuel. It is in great abundance all over the moon’s surface, and could change our energy problems forever. This can all be done within our life time, and with a president leading on the issue, it could be done in a couple decades. 

Can you imagine having an almost limitless nuclear fuel that is non-polluting? Would that be valuable to a private company? Would it be in the interest of the United States to forever get rid of our dependence on oil? Would it be in our interest to prevent China or even Russia or Japan from getting there before us? What if they get there, start mining it, and we don’t even have the capability to get to the moon?

We can get back to the moon, cut taxes, cut the debt, reduce unemployment, grow our economy, and chew gum at the same time. We’re the United States of America! It’s not crazy to strive for all these things, it’s visionary.

Gingrich might have sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi, but he’s more conservative than Romney, and he’s definitely not crazy.